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Rudraksh Law Associates established in the year 2009, by Mr. Peeyush kaushik, with a mission to render honest and quality legal services. It is one of the fast growing law firms of DELHI. The Firm is built on a commitment to provide swift and effective legal solutions to its clients by using broad expertise and skills. Our law firm is the great Matrimonial Lawyers in Dwarka Delhi and Divorce Lawyers in Dwarka Delhi. Rudraksh Law Associates is based in the business and financial centre of India's capital and in close proximity to the location of the courts, including the SUPREME COURT OF INDIA, HIGH COURT OF DELHI and DWARKA DISTRICT COURT, PATIALA HOUSE COURT AND THE SAKET DISTRICT COURT IN SOUTH DELHI. Our Team comprises of as many as FOURTEEN In-house Lawyers, THREE Senior Civil LAWYERS and THREE SENIOR CRIMINAL LAWYERS making a GOOD strength of professionals. It has presence in almost all important COURTS AND TRIBUNALS in DELHI AND GURGAON through a thoughtfully cultivated network of Associate Lawyers. We are also in strategic alliance WITH SENIOR ADVOCATES OF HIGH COURT OF DELHI AND SUPREME COURT INDIA, And with other leading law firms of Delhi having a boutique practice and offering legal services in diverse fields of law. We are the best Matrimonial Lawyers and Divorce Lawyers in Dwarka Delhi. Through our alliance, we act as a conduit for our clients and assist them with their needs. Much more significant than our numerical strength is our commitment to deploy our resources to serve our clients efficiently through economical team management. Over the last decades of its existence, the Firm has established a reputation for its broad-based legal practice. Rudraksh Law Associates is a fully independent & full service law firm our main office located in Dwarka, New Delhi India. We have a great experience in our profession. We provide great & various types of legal services. Our Matrimonial Lawyers and Divorce Lawyers provide the expert legal advice to our clients. We have a great team of professional & experience lawyers who provide the best legal services & Who is the best Matrimonial Lawyers and Divorce Lawyers in Dwarka Delhi.