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Dealing with a legal case can be emotionally stressful and debilitating. It's like a blow to one’s life! Our law firm comprises of the best advocates in Dwarka who work in an absolutely dedicated and timely manner so that you get your peace of mind - the one thing you need the most when dealing with legal matters.

We are one of the fastest growing law firms in DELHI offering an entirely new approach to the provision of legal services.

We are also in strategic alliance WITH SENIOR ADVOCATES OF HIGH COURT OF DELHI AND SUPREME COURT INDIA, And with other leading law firms of Delhi having a boutique practice and offering legal services in diverse fields of law. We are the best Matrimonial Lawyers and Divorce Lawyers in Dwarka Delhi. Through our alliance, we act as a conduit for our clients and assist them with their needs. Much more significant than our numerical strength is our commitment to deploy our resources to serve our clients efficiently through economical team management. Over the last decades of its existence, the Firm has established a reputation for its broad-based legal practice. Rudraksh Law Associates is a fully independent & full service law firm our main office located in Dwarka, New Delhi India. We have a great experience in our profession. We provide great & various types of legal services. Our Matrimonial Lawyers and Divorce Lawyers provide the expert legal advice to our clients. We have a great team of professional & experience lawyers who provide the best legal services & Who is the best Matrimonial Lawyers and Divorce Lawyers in Dwarka Delhi.

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We are a strong team of 14 in house lawyers providing quick and effective solutions for your legal issues. All our advocates at the firm embrace specialized skill sets and experience in their fields of practice of Law in Delhi and all over the territories of Union of India. Our Advocates in Dwarka are competent in the fields of Divorce Laws,Civil Laws, Criminal Laws, Corporate Laws, Family Laws, Personal Laws, Consumer Laws, Arbitration Proceedings, Negotiable Instrument Act i.e. cases pertaining to dishonour of cheques etc.

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Filing a divorce is a painful experience for anyone. But sometimes one has to go through the unpleasant process to avoid further pain and misery. We are a team of experienced and best divorce lawyers in Dwarka specializing in all matrimonial matters like mutual separation, divorce, child custody, alimony etc. Superior legal help during emotionally strained times can work wonders. An experienced divorce lawyer can understand the complexities of your case and suggests the best solutions in your favor. As you fight your emotional battles it is comforting to know that an immensely capable divorce lawyer in Dwarka is fighting your legal battle. We also provide FREE personal consultation before you choose us as your companions. Our divorce lawyers in Dwarka handle all types of divorce petitions.

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By providing personal attention to every detail, detail-oriented services and accountability, our advocates in Dwarka strive to develop trusting relationships with their clients.

At Rudraksh Law Associates, we understand the importance of your time and meeting the deadlines. Thus we aim to provide the best legal advisory solutions that so that your legal matter doesn’t linger on for decades. With a team of skilled law professionals we are equipped in handling all legal matters with utmost attention and down to every minute detail. If a pragmatic approach and the best and trusted legal advice is all you expect, you can completely rely on our experienced Advocates in Dwarka who have presented numerous cases before various High Courts in India including Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.