At Rudraksh’s , we work with a clear focus of achieving our primary objective -“Provoke Thought”.

In this objective, we focus on research and development based initiatives, facilitate interactive client discussions and try to achieve our goals through communication and interactive flow of information. We believe in harmony between the client and the office, encourage brainstorming of ideas within our teams and attempt to evolve effective solutions to the most complex of problems. We also take up a variety of social service initiatives and believe in contributing to developing a just and humane society around us.

Client Empowerment
The Client is the reason for existence of the Firm. Our aim is that the Client be fully informed, educated and empowered with a choice that is based on a business focused delivery system relying on more than just the law. The Work We Do
Excellence in individual and team performance is crucial to success. This yearning for excellence is matched by our individual and collective commitment to work harder at achieving Client’s objectives, on our personal development, on compliance with Firm’s systems and quality standards and at contributing to the achievement of our objectives. Members of the Firm are encouraged to insist on traversing beyond the ordinary, to tread the unbeaten path, to scrutinize the unexplored in order to evolve a higher level of solutions. It is the belief of Partners at Rudraksh’s that if they are able to “Provoke Thought” in each and every member of the Rudraksh’s Team, the evolution of Intellectual Capital would become an on-going process.
Pro Bono Work Rudraksh is a sensitive, socially aware and responsible Firm that identifies with right causes, and is ever willing to offer pro bono services to causes that it espouses – the protection of our fragile environment, wildlife, and upholding of gender equality.