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color-blocks-2 Marriage is the most sacred ceremony that binds together two people for life. The emotions, the togetherness, the promises flow boundlessly from all directions. It's not only about giving a name to a relationship but also legally accepting each other as partners. However, it's an irony when sometimes people could not make it work. No one can even imagine what two people undergo when they decide to end their marriage.

Apart from societal pressure, emotional breakdown, mental and physical tiredness, the legal process becomes the most tiresome journey. It's time-consuming, contains a lot of hassles and can completely drain people out of emotions. The situation becomes worse when one party does not want to get divorced because the process then goes even longer. Therefore, the suffering of the person seeking divorce increases even more since they are legally stuck in a relationship they want to end. However, there is a concept of mutual divorce also.

Divorce by mutual consent

In 1955, the government of India passed a law that stated that if mutually two people decide to end their marriage, they can easily file a petition in the court. This leads to peaceful separation. The process might get sorted a bit, yet, there are many legal challenges that have to be faced. Therefore, getting a mutual Divorce Lawyer on board would make it easier for both the parties.

If you are looking out for a mutual divorce lawyer in Delhi, this is the right place you are scrolling on. We at Rudraksh Law Associates are your companion throughout the journey - be it filing a divorce, legal documentation, understanding of legal terms, running legal errand etc. We ensure that you have a peaceful journey throughout and all the hassle is taken care of by us. After all, you are already occupied with the emotional and mental burden of parting ways with your companion.

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There are many factors that prove our credibility. We are simply not boasting that we are the best but we assure you that what we are saying is factually accurate. Firstly, legal processes consume a lot of time. There have been cases when people died seeking justice and the cases are still pending. Although, divorce is not a situation of justice but still, who likes to keep waiting for years just to get legal redemption.

  • We at Rudraksh Law Associates, make sure that the time being consumed in the whole process is minimum helping the clients get an early relieve. Secondly, legal processes can be twisted and the terms can be confusing at times.
  • We make sure that the client understands all these terms and simplify it into a layman's language. After all, we cannot let you sign any document without you knowing what exactly you are signing for. Thirdly, in the case of alimony, child custody and other factors – the case becomes even more twisted.
  • We intervene here, understand what exactly is beneficial for both the parties and propose the most feasible solution to follow. Lastly, Rudraksh Law Associates is not among those firms who simply want to suck money out of the client and do not provide good service.
  • We are your budget-friendly firm who simply wants that the client should be easily redeemed from the legal journey.

Haven't we mentioned enough reasons for you to pick us if you are looking for a mutual divorce lawyer in Delhi? If you still have doubts about our calibre, we are happy to assist you in person. You can get your confidence in us and then only we can go ahead helping you sort things in the legal world. After all, customer satisfaction is what we believe in and serve for.