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color-blocks-2Today women are at par with men in every sphere of life. Name it and you'll find her existence in almost all career sectors, work professions and industries. Breaking the stereotypes, women are increasingly getting empowered to decide the course of their life and profession. She is a free spirited independent personality carving a niche for herself in a man's world. But despite all the progress and advancements taking place at the workplace and learning centers, there are always those prying eyes around her and she often has to deal with sexual advances and inappropriate behaviour in the workplace which creates an uncomfortable environment for her.

These advances can come from co-workers or clients. Handling such advances can be a nightmare when you know you are required to visit the same workplace every day and interact with the same set of people. The committers of the heinous crime often try to threaten the victim if they ever expose them or even discuss the matter with others. So how does a woman seek support while dealing with such a complex situation? Rudraksh Law Associates is here to stand by such oppressed young women extending both legal and emotional support.

Legal protection of women from sexual harassment

To empower women to seek protection and justice against cruel molestations, The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 which deals with the ‘criminal assault for outraging a women's modesty' was passed and implemented in India.

The different acts of hostile behaviour against a women's modesty come under the different sections of the act and the relevant punishments are also mentioned under this. If you are in need for a sexual harassment lawyer, we facilitate you with all kind of legal and paralegal services. Right from filing the case at an appropriate place to finally getting the justice we stand by you in the long and tedious journey.

Rudraksh Law Associates are here to safeguard your employment law rights. We protect your Right to be Free From Sexual Harassment in the Workplace or anywhere. The areas of our expertise are sexual abuse at work place, any kind of unnatural sexual demands within the home environment, adulteration activities, sexual harassment with minors and complaints of similar nature.

Why choose us amongst the all?

Well, this question might arise in your mind while making a careful selection for yourself. The guiding principle of our firm is what makes us the best sexual harassment lawyer. We make you feel confident and absolutely safe with the personal attention of our highly experienced lawyers. We take it as our prime responsibility to protect your honour, dignity and modesty during the whole process. We keep making a conscious effort to attain client satisfaction.

Our panel of seasoned lawyers understand law to the core and will be able to build the most impactful case in the court of law. No matter the nature of your sexual harassment case, we are here to get justice and freedom for you. We strive hard to find an early evacuation plan for you making the whole process very cost efficient for you. So the next time, you seek guidance on sexual harassment and wish to file a complaint for the same, do contact us- the best Sexual Harassment Lawyer, for satisfactory services.